drone commercial services houstonAs you may have deducted from the above title, Freebird Drone Services is a full-service commercial drone service. Our clients are in Houston, Texas, West Houston Texas, Katy, Texas and beyond. We offer the best filming drone and professional photography drone services for a variety of industries. Drone photography and drone video has greatly reduced the cost of aerial images and videos. Teams of pilots and photographers or pilots and videographers in helicopters are no longer necessary.

Insurance – Professional Drone Photography – Drone Photographer

Whether you are needing professional drone photography for residential or commercial drone roof inspections, aerial imaging for a claims adjuster or a drone photographer for other insurance purposes, Freebird Drone Services can help. Using drone photography brings a new level of insights to adjusters in the way of perspective and situation. Issues are found that may have otherwise been overlooked. Videos and still images of damages due to flood, fire, seismic activity and accidents can be accessed.

For the commercial policy holders, information from an aerial photography drone or aerial videography drone can document current conditions as well as act as tools to predict, limit or prevent future loss.

Oil & Gas – Best Filming Drone – Professional Photography Drone – Aerial Video

We will use our best filming drone which is capable of covering a large amount of territory for inspecting pipeline. By using our professional photography drone service and aerial video service, you will have the necessary information in order to pinpoint leaks, vandalism, vegetation intrusion and other issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Our aerial photos and aerial videos are serving oil and gas companies by giving them increased access and competence when doing oil rig inspections, thus decreasing safety problems and risks.

Search & Recovery – Drone Services – Drone Photographer – Drone Videography

We offer drone services done by a drone photographer for images and a drone videographer for drone videography. Using special infrared equipment, our drones are able to detect people who have been involved in wreckages or would be otherwise undetected in water and wooded areas. This is vital for reducing response times for relief efforts.

Real Estate – Drone Real Estate Photography – Photography Drones – Best Drone for Photography

When we use drone real estate photography, we don’t just use photography drones to capture stunning aerial pictures and video, we use the best drone for photography and best drone videography. Real estate agents who are using our services are presenting their property listings in a more striking manner, forcing other more “primitively” represented properties out of the competition.

Using drone photography and drone videography will give the prospective buyers not only drone roof inspection or UAV roof inspection, but also a true comparison of the property size or lot size and an overview of what is in the surrounding area.

Surveying & Mapping – Survey Drone – Photography Drone

A survey drone can plot, map, and create 3D images for topographic and orthomosaic maps which can be used to measure true distances. Our orthomosaic technique will create a series of photos which will be matched up to form one composite image. Our photography drone for orthomosaic aerial maps offers a state of the art surveying and mapping feature. All this is part of our drones photography and videography.

Using Freebird Drone Services and its UAV services for surveying will greatly save the time normally spent for collecting accurate data. One of the most important factors to consider is how much safer it will be for your company to get images and videos of areas such as mines, unstable slopes, and transportation routes.

Offshore / Onshore Inspections – Drones Photography – Aerial Videography

Drones photography is capable of inspecting areas that are unsafe or not accessible to engineers, and other individuals. Drones photography and aerial videography provide the answer to cutting out unacceptable risks.

Aerial images and aerial videos created and made available with our UAV services provide for viewing offshore and onshore construction… inspection, progress, compliance, and consistency.

Utilities – Drone Inspections – UAV Drone

Drone Inspections done by a UAV drone can quickly survey and inspect high lines and wind turbines to detect and retrieve relevant information showing the need for specific preventive maintenance.

Our best drone photography and videography can access areas for closer inspections that have been, in the past, prohibitive due to the difficulty of getting a true line of sight and because of safety risks.

Agriculture – Precision Drone – Precision Farming

Our precision drones service is an amazing plus for precision farming. Our drones can cover farmlands and give a large amount of information as to how crops are doing and which areas need care in irrigation and pesticides.
Monitoring soil analysis, seed planting patterns and crop development is an added advantages and time saver.


From securing our borders to inspecting fence line, drones are capable of patrolling large areas over a very short period of time all while live streaming the video.

With agriculture drones, territory is covered more quickly, more precisely, and it minimizes the necessity to send law enforcement or security personnel into dangerous situations.

One on One Instruction – Drone Pilot Training – UAV Pilot Training

We provide professional one on one drone pilot training. Our UAV pilot training will include how to fly a drone safely to more advanced instruction. As a UAV pilot, you will have expertise in intelligent flight features that are offered on DJI products. You will be a trained drone operator.

Family Memories

Aerial cinematography for families? Why not?

Our professional filming drone will make each family member and their friends into stars. From weddings to sporting events to other special events, we will give your family video an aerial perspective.