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Insurance & inspection

Drones can gather valuable sources of information for a claims adjuster.  From an aerial perspective a drone is more capable of seeing the whole picture for insurance purposes and safer for roof inspection.

Oil & Gas

Drones are capable of covering a large amount of territory for inspecting pipeline that can be analyzed to determine where a possible leak can be pinpointed.

Search & Recovery

With special infrared equipment drones are able to detect people in wreckage or wooded areas and decrease response times for relief efforts.

Real Estate

By using drones to capture stunning aerial pictures and video, real estate agents are selling their properties in record times.

Surveying & Mapping

Drones can plot, map, and create 3D images for topographic and orthomosaic maps.

Offshore / Onshore Inspections

Drones are capable of accessing points of interests for inspection purposes that are unsafe or not accessible to engineers.


Drones can quickly survey and inspect high lines and wind turbines for preventive maintenance and retrieve the information necessary for preventive maintenance.

Family Memories

Whether it’s taking lasting memories of a wedding or catching the action for a sporting event, drones can film your special event from a unique aerial perspective.


Drones can quickly cover farmlands and give a vast amount of information to the farmer how his crops are doing and what areas he should be concerned about regarding irrigation and pesticides.


From securing our borders to inspecting fence line, drones are capable of patrolling large areas over a very short period of time all while live streaming the video.

One on One Instruction

We can provide professional one on one instruction and teach you how to fly a drone safely.  We can also include advanced instruction which includes using intelligent flight features that are offered on DJI products.